Intuitive Healing

Energy Medicine for Body, Mind and Spirit
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Are you ready for change?

Intuitive healing can help you find your light!

I founded Lightwave Wellness so that I can offer true, profound healing to you, wherever you are in your healing journey. Sessions can be done in person (Miami, FL),  or by phone or internet. You can work with me no matter where in the world you live.

I have been practicing as an acupuncturist since 2015 at my Miami clinic, Red Sage Acupuncture Center. Over time and through my experience with patients, I have found that some people have energetic issues that fall outside the scope of acupuncture. I needed to see and treat them in a different way, and for this I called upon my training in intuition and energy medicine.

Intuition allows me to see you clearly, so I can uncover any energy that is keeping you from manifesting your true brilliance in your work, life, health and relationships. We may go back to the moment an issue began, or uncover hidden thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, or energies that are not serving you. And most importantly, you will be reminded of who you are, restoring the life-giving light of your original spirit.

You can choose something new for yourself and I am here to help.

Catherine Hollingsworth, AP

energy healing

During an intuitive healing session, we will work together to discover any blockages in your system, as well as interference or patterns that are holding you back. We will then help you to access your own innate healing energy and the divine light that is always there for you.

intuitive reading

An intuitive reading is all about communication. Sometimes what you need most is a validation of your spirit and a little reorientation. A reading can help you to sort out what is happening in your life, so that you can feel more centered and grounded within yourself. My goal is to give you clear information based on what I see in your spirit.

appointments in person or by phone/internet

You can work with me from anywhere in the world. In intuitive reading and healing, I can connect with you across time and space. In fact, it’s easier to focus on your energy at a distance. If you live near Miami, FL, you can also see me in person. 1 hour appointments are recommended, and shorter 30 minute appointments are available. Please note time zone when scheduling.

1 hour session: $135
30 minute session: $95

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